Corporate Responsibility


3rd generation, Tanja and Ronald Hoppmann

We recognize our great responsibility towards all players in our value chain, from suppliers to customers and users, but also towards each of our partners and society. We have set out our values in our Code of Conduct and want to work with partners who share our values.  We have defined these three focus topics: Sustainable interaction with the value chain and its players, maximum product safety and social commitment.

“Those who act with heart mean well, with people, with the environment. It is our heartfelt wish that the world becomes a better place and that we contribute to this to the best of our ability. Starting with our WISKA family and extending to everyone along our value chain, including the environment.”

Our current objectives include:

  • Publication of our first sustainability report in accordance with the German Sustainability Code (DNK) in 2024
  • Expand systematic cooperation with our suppliers to avoid environmental and social risks throughout the supply chain
  • Continue to raise awareness of sustainability within the WISKA Group and optimize joint processes along the supply chain
  • Promoting product safety throughout the entire life cycle, from raw materials to disposal
  • Expansion of online support and customer training
  • Continuing our social commitment

This is where we stand today – this is what we have implemented so far:

  • Compliance with legal standards and regular product audits and tests to ensure safety and health 
  • Permanent monitoring of our product safety in our in-house quality laboratory
  • Compliance with the ZVEI VDMA Code of Conduct - for transparency between all parties involved in the supply chain throughout the WISKA Group
  • Regular on-site audits and qualification of our suppliers
  • Regular support for numerous social commitments at home and abroad - from local donations in Kaltenkirchen and sponsorship of soccer teams to cooperation with schools and Dewi Saraswati, the Indian children's village that we have been supporting since 2013.
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