Office manager at WISKA

Technical and Commercial Apprenticeship

Office manager

Do you have a real talent for organisation? Are you looking for a versatile training profession in which you can make full use of your strengths? Office management might be just the thing for you.

Training at WISKA
As a prospective office manager, you will learn how to organise and handle office management tasks using a wide variety of communication and computer systems. You will also gain insight into business activities such as order processing, procurement, accounting, marketing, and human resources management.

Good German and English language skills are important to us because writing internal and external correspondence both nationally and internationally are part of daily work. In addition, you will design presentations, purchase office supplies, plan and supervise appointments, prepare meetings, and organise business trips.

Because you will work in a team and often have contact with customers, a friendly and open personality is important. Prerequisites for training at WISKA are a secondary school leaving certificate (Mittlere Reife) as well as good German, maths, and English language skills.

More information
The three-year training programme takes place both at the office as well as weekly at the vocational school.

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