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SX450 -2000+EI(220)-P27-R03

Searchlight with Xenon lamp Ø 450mm 2000W 230V


WISKA-Order no. 10109839
Type SX450 -2000+EI(220)-P27-R03
P/T-Type FL52/230VAC
Horizontal °/s 5 °/sec
Vertical °/s 2,4 °/sec
Rotation horizontal 360 °
Rotation vertical +34° / -34°
Material Stainless steel
Control unit RCU-E
Wattage 2000 W
Colour RAL 9016
Surface Powder coated
Voltage 230 V
Type of Voltage AC
Frequence 50/60 Hz
Protection class IP56
Operational areas Outdoor
Reflector Glass
Focusing fixed focus
Lamp Xenon lamp
Lamp included
Luminous flux 80000 lm
Average lamp durability 2400 h
Light performance immediately
Range (1 lux) 9600 m
Light intensity mio/cd 92
Divergence 2,7°I/10
Temp. range min -25 °C
Temp. range max 45 °C
Power supply, electronic PSUX-E: 2000W indoor
Type of cable gland M 25 x 1,5
Material cable gland Brass
Type of cable non-armoured
Ø cable diameter min 8 mm
Ø cable diameter max 10,5 mm
Globe colour Clear
Mounting Upside

SX450: Searchlight with xenon short arc lamp 2000W, IP56 glass parabolic mirror 450mm
EI(220): Electronic power supply unit PSUX-E 50-60Hz operating voltage, inside IP 44 + FAN
P27: Pan and Tilt unit FL52, 230V
R03: RCU-E, 230V remote control unit flush mounting


- Toughened front glass
- Rubber sealing
- Quick fastening devices
- Ignition unit
- Stand-by heater
- Connection cable 3m
- Anti dazzle screen

Spare parts

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